Olaf Bischoff

Working mostly in oils with technical finesse and intimate focus, the South African born artist’s muse lies firmly with the landscape. The true edge in his work lies not in the mountains and skies, but rather in the mind-set of the viewer.

Bisschoff also does work in printmaking, animation and sculpture. Olaf Bisschoff constantly innovates and applies new ideas, which can be seen in his use of found objects, painted glass and Plexiglas elements in his work. The artist currently lives in Sweden. The Scandinavian vibration entered Olaf's mind as inspiration for a new body of work.

A whole ‘library’ was also created using found book covers, making up an award winning exhibition. Animations were projected onto paintings, thus rendering them ‘live’.

Mixing sculpture and painting on exhibition and working with other artists often happens. Branching out into sculpture has won him several awards in South Africa. Working with public spaces also proved to be fruitful, especially in the painting installation ‘Migration’, commissioned by the Taichung cultural government in Taiwan.




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