Ceramic Matters is the nom de guerre of Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris who have been making art together for decades. It is a rare occurrence for a couple to collaborate for so long and the few famous examples that come to mind (Gilbert and George, Komar and Melamid) are the exceptions that prove the rule.
Their work is perhaps better known in London and New York than in their home country with Sir Terence Conran, Liberty’s, and Anthropologie having been clients for many years.
“Earthly Delights” is a major exhibition by two artists working at the height of their powers, pushing the aesthetic and conceptual boundaries of the medium of clay. The exhibition dazzles with an exuberant, edgy, erotic, and above all beautifully made cornucopia of dark and witty objects. It is a show with which I am very proud to be associated.

- Trent Read


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Ceramic Butchery
Ceramic Butchery
Ceramic Butchery
Ceramic Butchery Ceramic Butchery